Welcome to Kurenai Mashin (The Crimson Devil), a graphic novel filled with elves, magic, familiars and conspiracies galore. The title character smack in the middle of all of this is an elven assassin who's earned a reputation of being as ruthless as he is blind.

KM has been going strong for years now, which makes the archives a rather sprawling affair. To make matters worse, my art and writing has improved significantly since KM's inception. I'll be the first to admit that the inital chapters are cringe-worthy. However, I have no plans in the near future to redo the earlier chapters. Instead, I've decided to offer a primer on Kurenai Mashin for those who'd like to start reading KM from the middle onward.

Chapter by Chapter Synopsis : This link will take you to a complete synopsis of KM.

In a Nutshell : This link will take you to a spoiler free overview of each chapter.


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