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General Story

Exiled from his home long ago, the Kurenai Mashin, or "crimson devil", is an elven assassin determined to obliterate his past. But his Clan has other ideas...



Chapter X cover

Chapter X : Inviting Death

A young elf named Sagituro Katchetori has a chance meeting with three humans (Sao, Shaina and Kaiyen) that changes his life. Soon he finds himself far from home, and in the midst of a chaotic adventure that even he could never have dreamed up. For one thing, he encounters the Kurenai Mashin.

Chapter One cover

Chapter One : Blind Strength

The Kurenai Mashin returns to the Shouten Guild Headquarters to announce his permanent departure from the Guild. However, Ryu, the leader of the Shouten, refuses to allow the Kurenai Mashin to simply walk away from the Guild. Ryu orders his followers to eliminate the Kurenai Mashin, thus preventing any Guild secrets from leaving Shouten hands.




Chapter Two cover

Chapter Two : Child's Play

Meanwhile, Sao, Shaina and Kaiyen (the three humans from Chapter One) are fending for their lives against members of the other major assassin guild, the Kobura. In the midst of the chase, Shaina and Kaiyen were separated from Sao. Shaina and Kaiyen are surprised by Loki, a cat-like creature with whom they've had a previous encounter. Loki throws them a few cryptic words by way of a taunt, and then disappears.

News travels fast through the assassin Guilds. Having escaped the Shouten, the Kurenai Mashin finds himself ambused by the Kobura. A strange elven girl also gets caught up in their fight, much to the Kurenai Mashin's annoyance. He knows she'll only get in the way.




Chapter Three cover

Chapter Three : Anubell's Tear

After proving the Kurenai Mashin wrong (by saving his life twice), the elven girl introduces herself as Itaka. Despite being from rival Clans that nearly destroyed each other during the Black Genesis Wars, once Itaka tells the Kurenai Mashin of an ancient artifact by the name of Anubell's Tear, the two elves conclude (after much debate) that they have a common goal.




Chapter Four cover

Chapter Four : Pawns

Back at the elven village where this all began (yes, the village way back in Chapter X), the elven monarchy is stirring. Plans are in the making to have the Kurenai Mashin return home ... for good.

The Kurenai Mashin and Itaka, meanwhile, have stopped at a human village to get some rest and some money. Unfortunately, money usually brings with it its own troubles. Especially when the Kurenai Mashin and his temper get involved.


Chapter Five : To Serve & Protect

KM and Itaka stumble upon a village invaded by mercenaries. The unexpected encounters that follow lead to a bloodbath and a startling revelation...


Chapter Six : Awakening

Close to the first piece of the map that will lead them to Anubell's Tear, KM and Itaka are involved in an altercation that will change everything.




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