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KM as cupid (made for Valentine's)
Part of a Keenspace card deck project
Itaka wallpaper with a mix of images
KM wallpaper with a mix of images
Turo wallpaper with a mix of images



Evolution of an Assassin

While working on this comic, I've learned much about the art of drawing. KM's come a long way from the little assassin he once was. He looks older, wiser ... and less like a twig and more like a man!

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I stashed these quizzes in the forum for the longest time. *dusts them off*

1. Which Kurenai Mashin character are you?

2. For Girls: Which KM character is best for you?

3. For Guys: Which KM character is best for you?

4. Which Kurenai Mashin furry is for you?

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Random icons for your random pleasure.

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These are the smilies I made for the forum.



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