Sunday, January 14, 2007

Links and stuff

Last time I pretty much ran my mouth off so this time I have very little to say. So instead, I shall post up linkies, thus sparing my fingers and your eyes from reams of text.

1. My new DrunkDuck account! Awesomely, I was featured on DD. Totally made my week.
2. Yet another poll. This one is about my inking. It's in the forum but there's no need to register. Vote to determine the fate of the comic.
3. Go here for progress on Chapter 7. I will randomly post news there.
4. Thanks to everyone who sent me an email asking questions, giving me encouragement and plain ole letting me know you're still reading. It was much appreciated. I started up a FAQ in the forum to answer the questions that I was asked, because I wanted to let everyone else know the answers. I'm assuming if one person has a particular question, other people do too.
5. Vote at TWC to check out some character designs.

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