Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Apologies for the lack of updates. What with being out of town, filling out applications, finishing papers and finishing my commissions, the comic got put on the back burner. It didn't help that I ended up hating every version of this current page. But for the time being, I've got my art groove back, though KM still wavers from looking almost manly to looking like a little elf kid.

Couple things, I'll be looking for some commissions come Christmas, so if you're interested in a belated Christmas present/New Years gift I'd be happy to oblige. More details to come, when I finish these other two pieces I'm working on.

Secondly, Sass Studios has started an Impromanga. It's still in its infancy, but the next set of pages feature my story and Modesty's art and lots of awesome characters. The Impromanga will include variations on the KM gang (think alternate dimension). Dai and Tak will both be featured as (possibly) prominent characters, and KM might eventually meandre in to make an appearance. So if you're interested in adding another comic to your list (something to read when KM goes AWOL?) then bookmark the link. An actual website will be up and running eventually ... but for now, check the Sass Studios forum for updates.

Lastly, I'll post some contest prize art and commission snippets in the voting incentives. And the Sass Studios Anthology is still on sale (and will be as long as Comixpress is in business).

Cheers, and seriously, for those of you who are still reading and checking back, I really appreciate it. Thanks terribly for all your patience. Unfortunately, updates will be unreliable until after February, but I'll try during Christmas to pump out some pages. Anyway, to keep abreast of all the pages updates, join the mailing list. I use it only to email everyone about page updates, so it is by no means spam.

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KJ said...

You still rock, bb. Keep it up.

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