Friday, July 28, 2006

Anthology and Animethon

Here's my belated post about Animethon and the Anthology.

Almost Famous.

I met a fan at Animethon, someone who actually recognized KM and the gang. Totally the highlight of my year ^__^ . I did a whole shwack of art for people at Animethon. It was great fun, because it gave me a chance to draw what other people like for a change, rather than KM characters in various incarnations. The best drawings were the gothic ones and the pirates, because I've never really drawn either. But what I loved most about Animethon is that I could snap pictures of people without having to chase them down. XD All in all, it was horribly exhausting, yet terribly fun. And the fun's not over. I got a number of commissions from Animethon, a few of which I've finished and posted in my dA account or my forum. If you're visitng my site and waiting for a commission, don't worry, I haven't forgotten! I'm working on a couple of doozies, so it'll take me a while to complete all the commissions that I owe. If you're visiting and you're interested in a commission, email me :) I'll put up a detailed commission page soon ...

Elves in Print.

The Dark Souls Anthology is OUT! (It's been out since the second week of July ... but who's counting?) I got them in my hot little hands, and I must say, they look even better than I hoped they would. It's fantastic. Now if only people would write glowing reviews in our ComixPress store :P The link, by the way, is

For pictures of the anthology and of my work at Animethon, visit the forum!

Vote for KM and check out an incomplete version of my latest commission.

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