Monday, June 26, 2006

Come visit me!

Big news. I'm headed off to a convention in Edmonton (Canada) July 8-9. If you're in the area, come visit me! I'll be the one sporting red hair (highlights) and drawing fast and furious. There might even be smoke coming out of my head. You don't want to miss that, do you?! I'll draw anything you want (disbarring, you know, anything that's not PG) for five loonies. You can't even get a kumquat for that amount. Well, maybe you can, but it wouldn't as yummy as art.

I'll also be selling the anthology ...with any luck. I'm praying it gets here in time. The printers are located in the US, so I was told I was pushing my luck to get them within sixteen days ... which seems kinda silly to me. But what with the long weekend and the army of rabid squirrels and drunk chickens protecting the border ... I guess the postal system might run into difficulties. So while rain, sleet and snow may not stop postal workers, stat holidays and evil critters do. Who knew?

Oh yeah, and I guess in actual, sensical news ... there's a new voting incentive. It's Brooke - giftart for Hawker Reed of Culture Shock fame.

Cheers! (I need to get me a clever sign-off line like Adis from Count your Sheep. Unfortunately, while "Die evil, scum!" might fit with KM's winning personality, it just doesn't have the same ring as "Go to bed!". If anyone can think of anything fitting, I'll bow to your cleverness and throw invisible chocolate truffles your way.)

(Would it surprise you to find out I haven't been functioning on much sleep lately? I think my brain works much better now ... Everything's so much clearer ...)

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Kyoki said...

I didn't even know you could comment on these things. Not very observant, really.

But, now that I found it, I'll comment on your stuff when I can. 'Cause I liked your news, even if I didn't comment before.

If I was in college right now, I'd definitely go see you. But I still have a year to go. If you're still going to cons, I'll try to find you then, maybe? XD

9:27 PM  
bluebug said...

I hope I'll still have time to go to cons next year.

lol. Glad you liked the news. Guess that's why most people don't comment ... the comment link IS pretty small. I wonder if there's a way to change that ... maybe I could put it at the top of news where it'd be more visible...

9:22 PM  

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