Sunday, April 16, 2006

Anthology = done!

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No word of a lie, there are actual KM pages up! I've redone page 7, and page 8-10 are also up (page 10 will have to wait until Monday). Page 10 is another cliffhanger, though in my defence, this chapter is basically one cliffhanger after another.

In any case, I'm out of town for 4 weeks for school related stuff so no update until then. But if you're confused about the current pages or have any questions, check out the forum. I'll be posting page by page explanations of the latest pages.

Anthology news:
Dark Souls will be available for sale at JAFAX (June 24,25). If you want to pick up a copy there please stop by! (Note: This convention is in Grand Rapids, Michigan). ( There will also be art by myself, Modesty (My Shining Knight) and Animetor Lily (Magician's Quest).

Modesty will also be at RiverTown Comic Con with a proof of the anthology, as well as more artwork by the Sass Studios trio. (

Thanks for all your patience regarding the anthology and the latest updates.

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Anonymous said...

(This is DancingChaos)

Hello! Sorry I haven't been here for so long. I kept forgetting to read ^_^; Well, I read all that I have missed, and I can't wait for the next update! (Oo! Rhyme!) ^_^ Keep it uuup! <3

12:26 PM  
bluebug said...

No probs. Nice to see you back :)

2:38 PM  

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