Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Voice

I'll be changing all the links in the next while so that they redirect to comicgenesis, but in the meantime a lot of them won't work because I was silly enough to link everything using http://km.keenspace/*.*

In any case, new page. By way of explanation :
Panel 1: That's a tree branch she's moving out of the way. ...

Panel 2: I didn't want to make the dragon statue THAT obvious. But with the lack of color and such I thought I'd better make it rather visible. It looks kinda silly because you'd think Itaka would notice a freaking huge dragon statue in the middle of a clearing and it would make her pause. Then again ... knowing Itaka ... she probably would just continue bashing KM regardless XD

Panel 4: Huh. Looks like Itaka smashed the statue and cracked it a bit. She also uses the most cliched phrase ever. Bah ....

Panel 5: Don't miss the disembodied voice! Ah ... the rest of this chapter is fun. Well, for me anyway. *evil grin*

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Anonymous said...


-_- She's still mean... I wish she wouldn't be so mean towards KM... I mean, that dude blinded him!!! How can he NOT be angry?! I would act just like KM if I was blinded by him! GR!!! She's so mean... Hmmmmm...


*is slapped*
bb: Well, the voice shall backfire, then hurt YOU!!! BWAHAHAHA!!! >_<
DC: Nuuuuuuuuuu!!! *tear*
bb: I PWNZ UUU!!!

Heheh, I'm kidding!!! I KNOW you wouldn't do that to me!!! (Or would you...?)

dun Dun DUN

3:44 PM  
bluebug said...

So true ... the part about KM being right about being mad. Now, Itaka's not totally unreasonable, despite popular opinion, I'm sure ... which begs the question ... why'd she jump down KM's throat when he insulted Gloth. Hmmm...

10:15 PM  
Anonymous said...


>_>... Hhhhhmmmmm...

Of course, YOU know because you created the story!!! ^_^;

Muahahahahah... >_>

Weee! Can't wait for the next update! KM ROX!!! XD

2:03 PM  
Anonymous said...

uwah... don't make itaka die...

12:49 PM  
bluebug said...

Wow. An Itaka fan!

4:27 PM  
Ailani said...

Hello, I came over here after Drunk Duck died. ^^

... I don't want Itaka to die!!! I get waaaay too wound up in characters that I actually cry when they get killed off... :( ...

But the whole argument is revealing more and more of their pasts... KM is running away from his, but Itaka is hiding something about Gloth from us. Hmm... Very well done, bb! ^^

5:06 PM  
bluebug said...

Thanks for following KM from DD. Comicgenesis doesn't have the neat voting/commenting community so I'm glad that you commented on the blog.

Yup yup, everyone's hiding something from someone - which sometimes makes this comic hard to write. Everyone has secrets they don't want to divulge. That's why I decided to introduce more monologing in the comic - because at least then the readers will know what the characters are thinking, even if none of the other characters do. :)

5:17 PM  
Ailani said...

I understand that - I write but I can't draw to save my life. :-p All of my characters have secrets, and I don't think I know some of them! But that really makes them whole people, and it keeps relationships dynamic and more lifelike. And it gives the readers a nice surprise. *evil omnipotent writer's grin* :-p And I don't mind the monologing, my characters do that too. ^^

12:59 PM  

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