Monday, December 12, 2005

New page

Shockers. It's a new page. Low quality, but at least it gets the story moving, right? If you're interested in reading the prequel to KM, head over to or email to preorder a copy of the anthology.

In other news, I have a deviantArt account ... which I have been shamelessly updating while leaving the comic to pot. I'm sorry!! But, hey, dA is fairly addictive cuz it's such a great community and I ... get regular comments. *Shrug* What can I say, everyone loves feedback.

And finally, if there's any fans of Drunk Duck comics out there, DD is down for the count and it seems like it won't be returning. But don't take my word for it. Go here:

In that forum, you'll also find links to comics that have found new homes. Check out the Migration thread.

About the page:
Yeah ... lots of talky, so sue me. If you've been a regular reader you'll have noticed that my characters tend to blab a lot. Especially when they're angry - which intuitively makes sense to me. After all, when people get angry, they tend to run at the mouth, no? Unfortunately for Itaka and KM, things get out of hand pretty quick. As usual, KM is right, in a way. Itaka feels in some way responsible for what happened to him, because her Clan was implicated in his downfall. In her guilt, she wants to right wrongs and triumph over evil (omg! Was that an inadvertant Sailor Moon reference?!! How scary.). Then KM had to go insult Glothinel, which for some reason made Itaka actually cry. Poor thing.

I will eventually get around to coloring this thing. Of course, I had to save the version without layers ... and so now I just have this flat wierd bluish page to color over o_O;;; That'll be fun.

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Anonymous said...

wait wait, whats the url for the dA account??

loving the updatage XD

1:53 PM  
Anonymous said...

DancingChaos, here!

Wow, you have been gone for a while! I was beginning to miss you... *cries*

Anyway, nice page!

Looking about the views of the characters...

KM was blinded. He was taught by a blind swordsman (girl). The only reason why he knows swordsmanship is because he was blind (possibly). (You would never know what would actually happen if he was never blinded, but I'm just assuming situations here.) Also, KM is only grumpy because of his past and because he's blind. He may have a completely different personality if this happens, so she can't say that he deserves to be blind. Also, she's a horrible person for saying that, because no one deserves to be blind. Besides, anyone who would blind someone else is cruel, making her WRONG!!! (dun Dun DUN)

*ahem* excuse me for ranting.

Yes ^_^

4:24 PM  
bluebug said...

I'll get around to putting up the dA link on the comicgenesis site eventually >_> It's

DancingChaos: lol. Thanks for the commentary. I hope no one hates Itaka because of that comment. I know some people didn't really like her when she first appeared because she kept verbally abusing KM (and stealing his food!). KM would definitely have been a different person had he not been blinded. His blinding caused the war that killed his mother. Therefore, if he hadn't been blinded, there would have been no war and his mom would have still been alive. He would have had a "normal" childhood, and, as Itaka assumes, he would have been relatively happy. Along Itaka's reasoning, the one who blinded KM essentially destroyed that path in KM's life. Since that person may have been a Sougen, Itaka feels that her Clan was responsible in part for KM taking the path towards becoming the Kurenai Mashin.

She feels guilty about her Clan's part in "ruining" KM's life, and therefore she wants to do something to help him.
Granted, that doesn't make her closing comments any better.

Unfortunately for KM, he sees everything as a personal slight and gets particularly riled when anyone questions his decisions in life. So he sees Itaka's efforts in a particularly negative point of view.

10:06 PM  
Anonymous said...

(DancingChaos AGAIN)

Don't get me wrong! I like Itaka, it's just that she doesn't have to verbally abuse him! None of this is really his fault. Well, he could choose not to kill people, but that's just him. That's what make him cuuute ^_^ *is slapped*

1:06 PM  

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