Thursday, August 25, 2005

Blogging and page updates

The mother of all updates is here. Since I won't have much time to work on the comic or the sites when school rolls around, I decided to polish up some of the more neglected pages of the site. The extras page is finished, complete with icons, wallpapers, smilies etc and the links page has been updated with a whole handful of links.

And the colored version of page 6 is now up. Due to the text edits, I don't feel so bad about updating with a finished version of an "old" update. The previous script didn't do justice to KM's growing fury, and though I threw in a little cliche, I think this page does a better job. In order to emphasize the nightfall, I added some blue highlights and a stylized little sunset in the background.

.: About the page :.

Itaka has finally decided that it's high time to give KM some tough love. Disgusted by the murderer that he's become, she's trying to hit KM where it hurts the most: his pride. Having long ago figured out that he was Mokurei (there really aren't that many blind, red-haired elves skulking about), she takes what she knows and formulates her own truth about his life. All of it has a grain of truth in it, which only makes it more galling for KM.

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