Everything with a black border around it is NEW.

My very first fan art! Thanx goes out to SailorOutlawstar for a very kawaii pic of Shaina. Check out her manga, Colisto (the link is on my links page). More Shaina fanart from SailorOutlawStar!
Seph :
Fanart from Seph.  Oooh, if looks could kill...
Nora :
Don Toraneko :
A great portrait of Turo by Don Toraneko
Radical Ed :
A cool poster by Radical Ed. Thanx!
Queen Godzilla :
(comic website)
(art website)
Akucat :
Resson Goddess:
I love the mood created by the colors.
Random :
The beefcake that is KM! ^__^
kaanyaa :
All I can say is... Poor Turo ;_; Happy Easter from KM! Uhoh. There's trouble in Paradise. The cast as ... bunnies!
Reese :
"If Kiri were semi-human ..." He would look dang hot.  

takitori :

Wow, first Takura fanart. Takitori made him look so cool Hyouden looks so bishie Wai~ Three bishies for the price of one!

Tak sketch Tak in color   Neko Baka:
KM in ponytails! Good thing he's blind.
jenny: KM by the ocean   DancingChaos:


azalea: KM Rockin' Animation
Turo Animation

Valentine's crossover

  Another Pie Story
  The bar
  KM Puppets (with QG)
Queen Godzilla : Hogoshas

Guest Comics
Gothic Lolita KM by Queen Godzilla :
Utena spoof by Queen Gozilla :
Utena spoof!






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