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Everything with a purple border around it is NEW.

KM Art

General KM Art
If looks could kill....Here's a pic of Shaina that I used for my very first layout of KM. Her neck is screwy, but I think I've managed to capture her violent nature ^_^. Tablet color test for KM. Holiday art! My submission to Fric'keen Cold  Winter Art for KeenCaptors Event Duffy, Mokurei's childhood pal KM and Duffy KM as a cowboy Chibi Mishiru (Daitsu's Hogosha)

Gift Art
Gift to Modesty, artist of My Shining Knight


Webcomic Fanart

Colisto :
Colisto fanart for SailorOutlawStar in return for the Shaina fanart. Colisto fanart
Elemental Fate :
Fanart for Seph's Elemental Fate manga.  It's Zen with his elemental powers.
Space Shards :
I decided to go for a less cartoony look, and the result was  this pic of Cyrene for Nora, author of Shards of Kryn.
Rivalry :
It's the cast of Rivalry by Don Toraneko!
AngelMoxie :
Characters from Angel Moxie.  Sailor Moon this ain't.
Dragon's Pride : (website)
Angst ridden Soni from Dragon's Pride! My entry for the DP Xmas contest
Seasons of Constancy :
For Mature readers.
Osija in a grape soda ad.  It's an inside joke in the comic.      








Other fanart

Spirited Away :
Lord of the Rings :
LOTR:Two Towers fanart!That most girly of girly men: Legolas!
Witch Hunter Robin :
Robin from Witch Hunter Robin (anime)
Ragnarok Online :
Itaka masquerading as a Ragnarok Online mage
Naruto: KM, Itaka and Tak as Naruto characters   X-men: Turo as Gambit Takura as Nightcrawler KM as Wolverine
Final Fantasy: KM as Cloud Nydeira as Lulu Velle as Rikku
Itaka as Yuna Tia'lleyn as Vincent












Queen Godzilla :
QG did an awesome coloring job on my Legolas fanart! Tia looks so evil with his "Evil Lord of the Underworld gloves"!
Eunice P :




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